Posted by: AnnaBlume | 20.November 2008

eating happy things

i am sick at the moment, and for the first time, I made some homemade chickensoup. Delicous.

Dried tomatos, and everything to do with tomatos actually. especially the cocktail tomatos.

Fresh herbs… mint, basil, persil… whatever… as long as they are fresh

Pizza. A real good pizza, with loads of cheese and salami and peperoni… mmm

Humus. With pita bread.

Chocolate. Especially chili-chocolate pralines… and mousse au chocolate

Apples. At any time.

Fresh bread. which is still warm. or toasted and with salted butter on top…

Strawberries. my favourite fruit.

Avocado. With white bread, olive oil, tomatos and cumin… loving it

Cheese. Especially goat and sheepcheese, together with a good bottle of wine…

And many more… I love to eat. and i love food….

Eating good food make me really really happy!



  1. Weihnachtskekse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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