Posted by: AnnaBlume | 7.October 2008


I was sitting in a bar, and a guy asked me for a cigarette and he gave me a book in return. Which I said I will pass on to somebody else. There is this whole concept about you let books lie around and then people take it, read it and leave them somewhere else to be found. Cant remeber the name of this project.

Freehugs campaign – hugs for free in the street

Meeting friends you havent seen for a long time, but it feels like no time has passed

An ice cold beer when it is hot and you are really thristy

Knowing the answer of a question in a quiz on television – make me feel damn good

This little french girl today who looked at a picture and said: C`est qui?

Such a cliche, but children in general

My favourite song at a moment I dont expect it

Sing really loud in my appartment, hoping no one can hear me

I almost forgot: Today i bought my favourite dress ever. After thinking about it for 5 weeks I decided it would save me a lot of energy if I would just buy it. Went to the shop, it wasnt there anymore, but they called around. And yes. I got it.



  1. Yes, yes, yes, it IS true, thinking about things that make you happy DOES make you happy! Or at least smile… Thank you Anna!

    So, what currently is making me happy:

    Viennale anticipation… counting days to see 17 great, new, boring, interesting, stupifying, disturbing films!


    my best friend from back home coming to visit me this weekend.

    Oh, and the project is called bookcrossing Love it, too! 🙂

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