Posted by: AnnaBlume | 22.September 2008


reading the book “Learning to love you more” by Miranda July and Harell Fletcher gave me this really warm and inspiring feeling. and made me realise: this is also how I wanna make people feel

finding hearts wherever I go

listening to Violetta Parisini makes me happy

yoga. doing something for my body. breathing very deep. learning to relax – wonderful

Paris, je t’aime. The city where I always feel at home.

these wonderful sunny days in autum where the sky is so blue and your nose is a bit cold and your cheeks feel so fresh and the air is so clear

reading a book in bed all day. and even more when I can share this with you and we read together and tell each other about the sections we laughed about

Talking to Eva Kipferl and drinking Glückstee

Getting breakfast club as a birthday present and ugly french chansons

cooking apple pancakes in the morning (1 egg, 3 tspoons flour, a bit of milk, 2 apples, vanille sugar: seperate the eggs, mix yellow of the egg, flour and milk. beat white of the egg with vanille sugar. mix together, put in pan, put apples on top, turn, add sugar if you like. enjoy!)


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