Posted by: AnnaBlume | 25.October 2008

it is what it is

This is my project . I decided I wanted  to collect things that make people happy. How you can share what make you happy? You just comment, write your name if you want…

After some time of collection, the idea is to make free postcards with things that make people happy written all over them and distribute them in several cafes and bars. So, if you want to join, just comment….

Every week we are collecting things that make us happy. Find the post and make a comment. It will make me happy for sure….

Posted by: AnnaBlume | 9.October 2009

little things

sun is always wonderful. especially after some really cold days

häagen dazs vanille icecream with cookies

knitting a scarf for you and then finding out that so many people want one too

sowing my first skirt – in polish

finding 1500m2 in ul. Solec – such an inspiring place to be

autumn in Warsaw

coffee with foamed milk homemade – sooooooooo delicious

the movie: the boat that rocked (i want my children to only listen to rock n roll)

Posted by: AnnaBlume | 16.February 2009


finding a bus which is taking 15min to go to university. directly!

coming home after the first really exhausting day in university and driving into the sunset.

asking pani babcia(the lady who is living downstairs) for a screwdriver, who is then calling the neighbour ánd ending up with a electric screwdriver and a drill from the neighbour who loves to speak German.

Finding out that THE fleamarket of Warsaw is 15min from our house.

Moving in together and making it our place.

Going out with my father and brother to a concert and then getting drunk together with friends. My father earning the nickname Rock n Roll Papa! So COOL!

Finding this great little restaurant who has amazing argentinian steaks. SOOO DELICIOUS.

Sleeping enough.

Posted by: AnnaBlume | 24.November 2008

today. another day.

warm bread and salty butter melting on top of it.

realising that a lot of things that make me happy are connected to food.

I found my first bookcrossing book today. These are books which are set free, you find them, read them, put their code onto the website. and set them free again so other people can read it.

that my bathroom is superclean. it needed it. and i like cleaning when you can really see the effort.

to get email from friends i havent talked to in a long time.

to feel able to do it. even though its scary and stressful

it makes me happy when i can say all the things that dont make me happy. to let it out. and so to not worry myself with them anymore.

Posted by: AnnaBlume | 20.November 2008

eating happy things

i am sick at the moment, and for the first time, I made some homemade chickensoup. Delicous.

Dried tomatos, and everything to do with tomatos actually. especially the cocktail tomatos.

Fresh herbs… mint, basil, persil… whatever… as long as they are fresh

Pizza. A real good pizza, with loads of cheese and salami and peperoni… mmm

Humus. With pita bread.

Chocolate. Especially chili-chocolate pralines… and mousse au chocolate

Apples. At any time.

Fresh bread. which is still warm. or toasted and with salted butter on top…

Strawberries. my favourite fruit.

Avocado. With white bread, olive oil, tomatos and cumin… loving it

Cheese. Especially goat and sheepcheese, together with a good bottle of wine…

And many more… I love to eat. and i love food….

Eating good food make me really really happy!

Posted by: AnnaBlume | 17.November 2008


weddings make me happy. and melancholic. and romantic.

dancing. dancing. dancing. nothing more to say.

feeling free. and light. and happy. and free.

drinking tea. especially when it is really cold outside.

fall asleep in my bed, with millions of blankets and pillows. so cosy.

rearranging my flat. and again rearranging it. and again. every time a pleasure.

looking at picture of people you love. especially if you havent seen them for a long time.

feeling at home. whereever home might be…

Posted by: AnnaBlume | 12.October 2008

sunday morning songs

velvet underground – sunday morning

faith no more – easy (like sunday morning)

maroon 5 – sunday morning

if you know anymore, post them as a comment… i will put them in here then…

Posted by: AnnaBlume | 11.October 2008

weather that makes me happy

summerrain, summerrain, summerrain – it is really hot and all of a sudden the sky is opening up and it is raining. and the warm feeling of summerrain on my skin. perfect

the first snow. always. every year. i wait for it. doesnt matter if it stays or not.

rainy and cloudy day when you dont have anything to do. and you can enjoy drinking tea and reading a good book…

first time you notice it will be summer. this breeze that tells you. yep. now summer is starting

summernights. after a really hot day. the night is starting. u can still just wear a t shirt… i love it.

Posted by: AnnaBlume | 10.October 2008

wednesday luck

being part of a real team

realising that you are my tower of strenght

working with motivated and engaged and enthusiastic young people

Project Runway Australia, USA, Philippines, Canada… you name it. I am just addicted to it. Thursday is Project Runway time. (Project Runway is a reality tv show about fashion designers)

candle light makes me happy and also feel beautiful

Proscuitto Weckerl from the bakery Ströck, mmmmmmmmm so delicious

Posted by: AnnaBlume | 7.October 2008


I was sitting in a bar, and a guy asked me for a cigarette and he gave me a book in return. Which I said I will pass on to somebody else. There is this whole concept about you let books lie around and then people take it, read it and leave them somewhere else to be found. Cant remeber the name of this project.

Freehugs campaign – hugs for free in the street

Meeting friends you havent seen for a long time, but it feels like no time has passed

An ice cold beer when it is hot and you are really thristy

Knowing the answer of a question in a quiz on television – make me feel damn good

This little french girl today who looked at a picture and said: C`est qui?

Such a cliche, but children in general

My favourite song at a moment I dont expect it

Sing really loud in my appartment, hoping no one can hear me

I almost forgot: Today i bought my favourite dress ever. After thinking about it for 5 weeks I decided it would save me a lot of energy if I would just buy it. Went to the shop, it wasnt there anymore, but they called around. And yes. I got it.

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